WHYY's Wider Horizons is an information and entertainment service for everyone looking forward to or living the second half of life — baby boomers planning a new career or retirement, active retirees, children of aging parents, the homebound, and everyone interested in living a satisfying life enhanced by intellectual stimulation and lifelong learning.

Those of you with good memories and a long association with WHYY may know that WHYY's call letters are an acronym for "Wider Horizons for You and Yours." The name goes back to our founding in 1952, and it adorned trucks roaming the community in those first years of operation. Since then, that piece of trivia has lain dormant. Now, it comes to life as an innovative new service responding to the needs and interests of people looking at the second half of life.

To help us develop this service on an ongoing basis, your input is invaluable. Please email widerhorizons@whyy.org.

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