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Tony Sadowski: Promotions 'n' Games

Tony Sadowski joined WHYY in fall 2008 as a promotion producer in the branding department. "My job is to make sure on-air and online promotion necessary for programming, events or other station priorities gets done," he said. "I make sure copy's written, audio's cut, graphics are produced and spots are fully edited and out there when they need to be."

A Wilmington, De., native, Tony grew up wanting to be a comedy writer. He attended Elizabethtown College in central Pennsylvania and contributed his comedic prose to a few outlets. "All through high school and college, I did sketch comedy shows," he said. "I did humor columns and comic strips for the school paper and wrote anywhere else I possibly could."

During his final semester of college, he interned in the newsroom of FOX43, in York, Pa. Near graduation, a position in promotions became available. "I was lucky to be picked up there," he said. "I learned how to do promotions, and it was a fun environment. It was full of a lot of people around my own age and with a similar sense of humor." The content and rural audience greatly differed from WHYY. He said it was, "very different - think Simpsons, Seinfeld and News at 10! But it became a playground for our goofy ideas, and the audience kept us from taking things too far."

Tony worked there for five years before joining WHYY. "I was hired to bring a bit of the energy and attitude on display in my FOX stuff to WHYY," he said. And he tries to work things he finds funny, interesting or unique into his WHYY promos. "I spent five years finding different ways to tell people the news is on at 10 o'clock. I hate repeating myself, so I'm always trying new approaches that will, hopefully, get your attention. Have you checked out @WHYYInsider on Twitter?"

In addition to writing, editing and producing promos, Tony has also become one of WHYY's regular on-air voice talents. "I often write in my own voice, because I want the message to sound personal and authentic. So it's easy for me to hop into the booth and record the exact delivery I want for a spot. I also read quite a bit of underwriting copy - so if you watch or listen to WHYY, you've probably heard more than enough of me!"

Another of Tony's passions is video games. A lifelong gamer, he contributes news, reviews and opinion pieces to a gaming website, GGSGamer.com. He's a regular on the weekly gaming and pop culture podcast You Like the Worst Stuff, available free on iTunes and elsewhere. "People have said our show feels like just a couple of buddies joking around, but you feel you are part of the group," he said. "That's the kind of vibe we want - relaxed, fun. I don't sound like I sound on WHYY-FM there, I'll say that!"

Writing for the site and working on the podcast have been rewarding hobbies for Tony. "I've always been a person who needs distraction and to try new things," he said. "It's another creative outlet. I would love to do some video game coverage for WHYY, too. We cover movies, TV, books, and music. Why not? There's definitely an intelligent, 'NPR' way to talk about video games."

When not busy working or writing, he enjoys spending free time with his wife and young children at their Warminster, Pa., home. "Yardwork, soccer practice, grilling - it's the suburban cliché!" he said while laughing.

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