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Hypertension is becoming more and more prevalent in the Southeast Asian immigrant community, particularly among older adults. This is largely attributed to the stress they are under environmentally, linguistically, socially and post-traumatic disorders they may be dealing with as a result of conflicts in their homeland, prior to coming here. Featured are Giang Nguyen, MD, from the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at University of Pennsylvania, Glenn Cooper, MD, Cardiologist from Jefferson University Hospital, Thoai Nguyen, Executive Director of SEAMAAC, and Rorng Sorn, Executive Director of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia. Watch the video »

Dr./Patient Communication
Many Southeast Asian immigrants are unable to obtain adequate healthcare because of language barriers. They can't effectively communicate with healthcare providers, and are unable to navigate the complicated system. Few local hospitals have translators readily available. Programs like Temple University's Project Shine have developed classes that aim to specifically teach medical terms to the Southeast Asian community and other immigrants. Hitomi Yoshida and Lilian Wu from Project Shine discuss these issues. Also featured are Glenn Cooper, MD who sees a large number of Southeast Asian immigrants in his cardiology practice, and Rorng Sorn of the Cambodian Assoc. of Greater Philadelphia. Watch the video »

Cultural Differences
There are many cultural differences that exist between the Southeast Asian immigrant community and ours when in comes to medical treatment. This can have a huge impact on the healthcare they receive. Some of the differences are social or based on Eastern beliefs, and others come from a lack of knowledge of Western medicine, because many elderly immigrants have had little or no experience with western medicine prior to coming here. Jingduan Yang, MD practices Integrative Medicine at Jefferson University, and explains many of these differences. Also featured are Thoai Nguyen of SEAMAAC, Lilian Wu, Hitomi Yoshida and Giang Nguyen, MD. Watch the video »