Conversations on the Journey

Conversations on the Journey provides a wealth of material for discussion groups and an opportunity for people turning 50 and older to share their experiences and learn how others approach transition, uncertainty and new possibilities in their lives.

Each session explores an issue that people 50+ want to talk about with others: What has been important in my life? How will I change? How do I stay vibrant? What do I want as my legacy? And more...

The DVD includes excerpts from talks by distinguished authors and experts taken from Coming of Age: Boomervision! presentations, recorded with a studio audience at WHYY in Philadelphia. Using the accompanying discussion guide, a facilitator helps participants explore:

— Living a Fulfilled Life
— Health and Well-Being
— Knowing and Sharing Your Story
— Embracing Change
— A Precious Life, A Finite Life
— How Elders Will Save the World


Coming of Age is a Philadelphia-based national initiative that helps people explore their futures, promotes their connection to the community and builds stronger nonprofits. To learn more, visit

Conversations on the Journey was funded through a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

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Living a Fulfilled Life: The Inward Journey

David Oldfield, Director, The Midway Center for Creative Imagination

Questions from the Discussion Guide:

  1. In this clip, David Oldfield talks about the notion of "genius" and about making an inward journey to discover or rediscover "who we really are." Is this a concept that rings true for you?
  2. How and why do we get the messages that we should be something other than our true selves?
  3. Have you ever felt this sense of dissonance?

Is it Different for Women?

Suzanne Braun Levine, first editor of Ms. Magazine

Questions from the Discussion Guide:

  1. How many women have had this experience that Ms. Levine is talking about, that you just don't care anymore about what people think?
  2. No more scripts!" Do you agree? Have you had a series of roles? And men, have you played a series of roles?
  3. How do you feel about the possibility of entering a stage in your life without a script? Liberated? Frightened? Something else?

Health and Well Being

Paul Nussbaum, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist & Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Questions from the Discussion Guide:

  1. Dr. Nussbaum identified five key factors for promoting brain health: socialization, physical activity, mental stimulation, nutrition, and spirituality. Knowing this, what might you do differently in your life?
  2. Dr. Nussbaum emphasizes the importance of staying involved in your community with a role and purpose. What value do you see in having a life focused on something larger than yourself?

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