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Get a Grip Gadgets

Here's a list of some of the gadgets to help you grip household items. Some we found in specialty catalogs, others are things you probably have around the house.

To open jars with a tight-fitting lid use either the Mounted Jar Opener ($16.95) which we found at www.seniorstore.com or the Good Grip Jar Opener ($9.15) sold at www.carescout.com. We also used a RigidGripII pliers sold at Home Depot stores to open solvent containers.

For a small bottle like nail polish, use an ordinary nutcracker. The serrated jaws grip a tight-fitting cap and gives you leverage so you can loosen it.

Make your own grippers using a roll of non-slip shelf liner. While it's designed to keep things in place on a shelf, it does a good job to help you grip small items like mascara or other containers with twist-off tops. Cut several pieces of grippers to a convenient size and keep them on hand wherever they're needed.

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