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Melange Cafe: Southern,
Italian Cuisine

Chef Joe Brown
Chef and owner of two restaurants in NJ. He's French-trained at the Restaurant School of Philadelphia and his cuisine is Soul Food influenced by his mother's cooking from Tenessee and Italian influences gained while working for other restaurants before opening his own. He's teaching Joana and Danae' a healthy twist on cooking soul food. Watch the video »

Joana is 43, mother of two, Danae' and Tyrese. She's Asian-Black. Grew up on Soul Food and learned to cook from her mother and grandmother. Likes to keep the tradition of family lunches on Sunday with Soul Food cooking and is teaching her daughter to cook. Has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and is still learning to change her diet, adjust her lifestyle, specially modifying her favorite recipes without losing her tradition.

Joana and Danae' learned from Chef Brown how to prepare:

Chifa: Latin Food

Chef Jose Garces
Owner of 5 restaurants in Philadelphia. He's influenced by all Latin, Spanish and Asian flavors. He's teaching Criselida how to eat healthy keeping the Latin flavor but losing fat and sugars.
Watch the video »

Criselida is Puerto Rican. She is a 45 year-old, divorced mother of 2 grown children. Criselida is overweight and suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. After suffering a car accident she weighed 250lbs. She decided to control her diabetes and started exercising every day and controlling her diet. Now, she weighs 180 pounds. Her goal is to weigh 140 and to be medication-free by next year. She's learning to control her portions and to balance her diet.

Chef Garces cooked:

Margaret Kuo's: Chinese

Chef Margaret Kuo
Owner of 3 restaurants on the Main Line, she cooks traditional Chinese food. Likes to use healthy ingredients. Watch the video »

Amanda is in her early 30's, African American, single, a journalist and she has High Blood Pressure and needs to loose weight. Is learning to treat herself in different ways than food and especially sweets. Likes to cook and loves Asian food. Deals with a stressful job and long work hours. Has learned to swim to release stress and to cook more at home. Mother died from heart problems and she wants to control her health to avoid complications in the future.

She's showing Amanda how prepare:

Pumpkin: New American

Chef Ian Moroney
Philosophy: quick, easy-to-make, fresh seasonal ingredients, simple techniques, clean flavors-no masking. Focus on ingredients and use of local produce. Watch the video »

Remona Mapp is 75 years old, African American, suffers from Diabetes and Hypertension. Lives by herself and walks 15 blocks to the Senior Center from her house every day. Takes line dancing classes, exercise, choir and food related classes. Likes to prepare her food for the week on the weekends and always eats dinner at home. Likes to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and hormone-free meats and unprocessed food.

Ian showed Remona how to prepare one pot dishes:

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