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The DNA Files

WHYY 91FM aired The DNA Files on Monday nights at 8 PM through the end of November. This five-part series is produced by SoundVision Productions and takes an in-depth look at how DNA and genetics affect our lives and our world. Hosted by Peabody- and Emmy-winning correspondent John Hockenberry, The DNA Files take on complicated scientific topics and make them approachable to a general audience.

WHYY has taken this opportunity to focus on the issues surrounding DNA and genetics with special programs and events:

Voices in the Family:

Genetic Testing and Families

Monday, November 5th, 2005

What are the psychological implications of genetic research? What does it mean to live with the knowledge that you have a genetic disorder? Should you get tested? How do families deal with the burden and guilt of genetic disorders? What is the effect of hope that genetic research creates for families affected by diseases? Dan Gottlieb and his guests will explore the implications of genetic testing for families, and discuss the issue of hope surrounding scientific advances. We'll also hear from a family faced with tough choices in light of a genetic disorder. Listen via Real Audio | mp3

This program is made possible with support from The DNA Files, a project of SoundVision Productions.

Town Meeting and Panel Discussion
DNA and Genetics - what do they mean to us?

Stem Cell Research. Genetically Modified Foods. The Human Genome Project. Genetic Testing. Genetic Engineering. Designer Babies. Gene Therapy.

These terms have become familiar to us as the science of genetics and DNA advances. Some of these concepts spark heated debates, others inspire hope, or simply awe. But - do we know what they really mean to our lives, to our families, to our future? And ultimately, what do they mean for us as humans?

This conversation on DNA and Genetics explored the current state of science, and where genetic research is headed. We discussed a variety of topics from different perspectives, looking at the science, ethics, legal and personal implications of genetic research. Emmy and Peabody Award Winning Journalist John Hockenberry moderated this event, bringing depth and recognition as the host of the nationally syndicated radio series "The DNA Files." Our panel of experts included our region's foremost scientists in this field:

Dr. Baruch Blumberg
Senior Advisor to the President, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Dr. Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Janice and Julian Bers Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, History & Sociology of Science

Dr. Arthur Caplan
Emanuel and Robert Hart Professor of Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and the Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Hakon Hakonarson
Director of the Center for Applied Genomics at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

This event was made possible with support from The DNA Files, a project of SoundVision Productions.