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Underwriting on WHYY-TV

News when you need it. Entertainment when you want it. Education when it counts. WHYY brings the world right into the living room through a lineup of trusted, high-quality television programs on three distinct digital television channels, all of which are available for corporate underwriting.

Over the air on 12.1 (Comcast 240, FiOS 512)

This 24/7 channel features the award-winning programs Delaware Valley viewers trust, ranging from beloved children's programs such as Sesame Street to WHYY's weekly news program First to PBS favorites such as Antiques Roadshow, Frontline and This Old House.

Y Arts
Over the air on 12.2 (Comcast 257, FiOS 474)

This 24/7 mix of local, national and global arts and culture programming includes WHYY's original weekly performing arts series On Canvas and On Stage at Curtis PBS favorites such as Great Performances, Masterpiece, and Soundstage, and a wide range of independent documentaries.

Y Info
Over the air on 12.3 (Comcast 258, FiOS 473)

This 24/7 news and information channel covers current affairs, health and science, finance and history with a thought-provoking lineup of regional, national and global programs, including Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley and Global Voices. Y Info is also the source for in-depth coverage of regional news and information initiatives, including WHYY productions.

Underwriting on WHYY-TV
WHYY offers 15- and 30-second underwriting messages to corporate and nonprofit underwriters. Rates are based on the daypart selected. WHYY produces messages using materials supplied by the client and professional in-house voice-over talent at no additional charge. All on-air messages must comply with applicable guidelines.

To learn more, contact us at (215) 351-3310 or