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Other ways to partner with WHYY




Other ways to partner with WHYY

Other ways to partner with WHYY include:

  • Participation in the WHYY Member Card program, offering benefits and discounts throughout the Delaware Valley for WHYY members.
  • Corporate Challenge Grants, which encourage viewers and listeners to join you in supporting public broadcasting during one of our membership drives on WHYY-TV or WHYY-FM. In addition to being a team-building opportunity for your staff, your company will receive numerous benefits including frequent company mentions throughout the challenge in recognition of your generous contribution.
  • Promotion of your organization's Matching Gift Program. Join more than 130 companies in our area that match their employees' contributions. This encourages support for WHYY and shows the community the value you place on public broadcasting.
  • Membership Event Partnership opportunities.

For more information on any of these programs, contact us at (215) 351-3310 or