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Stir It Up!


Program teaches math and science as well as nutritional awareness and kitchen skills.

WHYY, the leading public broadcasting station in the greater Philadelphia region, announces the premiere of their new youth/pre-teen cooking program Stir It Up! Hosted by retired teacher and restaurateur Sandra Della-Croce, Stir It Up! teaches math, nutrition and kitchen safety by encouraging young children and pre-teens to assist in meal preparation.

"Stir It Up! is not your traditional cooking program," said Paul Gluck, WHYY's Vice President and Station Manager. "It combines cooking with unique learning experiences for young people in a way that is both entertaining and intellectually engaging."

Host Della-Croce is a retired teacher from Maple Shade Elementary School and the owner of the Brick House, a historic Inn (which was used during the filming of the show) located northeast of Philadelphia in historic Tullytown, Bucks County, PA. Instilling nutritional awareness in children is a primary goal of Della-Croce, whose life isn't much of a departure from the show's premise. Before she retired from teaching in 2003, Della-Croce would cook and have food tastings with her fifth-grade students to teach them everything from health to science to social studies. Other members of the cast are local children -- several former students of Della-Croce's -- who join her in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals.

"Being aware of health and nutrition is so important because I think that children can easily be misled when they go to the cafeteria," said Della-Croce. "They're so engrossed in conversation that they end up buying too much of what they don't need. Stir It Up! gets kids involved in and committed to health. If we don't instill those values with the young, I think we're missing the boat."

When asked about his hopes for the show, co-producer/videographer, Frank Goldstein reiterated Della-Croce's statements saying, "It would be great if kids saw the show and said, 'Instead of getting takeout from the drive-thru tonight, let's make what they made on Stir It Up!.'"

Short "appetizer" versions of the show are currently airing on WHYY TV12. These spots were also filmed on location at Della-Croce's Brick House restaurant.

A co-production of WHYY and Frank Goldstein & Associates.