secrets beneath the streets

Secrets Beneath The Streets



Question 1
How much does the Ben Franklin Bridge weigh?

A) 324,810 tons
B) 500,000 tons
C) 763,491 tons
D) 1 million tons


Question 2
How much does Billy Penn weigh?

A) 5,000 pounds
B) four tons
C) 27 tons
D) 100 tons


Question 3
How much raw ore is required in order to produce a single ounce of platinum?

A) 2,000 pounds
B) ten tons
C) three tons
D) 200 pounds


Question 4
What is SEPTA an acronym for?

A) Southern Pennsylvania Trolley Alliance
B) Speedy Philadelphia Transit Association
C) South Philadelphia Transit Authority
D) Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority


Question 5
How much water is in the Swann Memorial Fountain?

A) 100,000 gallons
B) 200 gallons
C) 5,000 gallons
D) 7,000,000 gallons


Question 6
What does turbidity refer to?

A) The turbulence created by flowing water
B) A chlorine-like taste
C) The clarity of water in relation to its particle content
D) That foam you sometimes see on water


Question 7
On which holiday did the Philadelphia Aquarium open in 1911?

A) Thanksgiving Day
B) Christmas Day
C) New Year's Day
D) Memorial Day


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