David McShane

About the Mural:
"I really like the wall. It’s at the corner of 34th and Spring Garden. It is an odd shaped wall but it’s largely vertical so it’s good for the kind of monumental design, or the idea I have of having the sort of monument to Herman Wrice."

About the Neighborhood:
"I wanted the mural to do what essentially Herman did. Like be welcoming but be like a stay out drug dealers kind of pose. In a way—not that drug dealers are going to see the wall and be like oh, I won’t set up here, but the fact is there’s actually still a lot of activity in terms of an organization against drug dealers in the community. So it seemed to me—that’s what I liked about the mural, a lot of community influence."

"I’m hoping that the community really responds to having a good monument and a good tribute to someone who tried to do a lot of work for the community and tried to really make a difference in people’s lives, particularly young people."


david mcshane before design challenge qtvr