Hometown Legends

Hometown Legends highlights the lives of people from the Delaware Valley who have become legends. Each program features in-depth interviews with the subjects and their colleagues, providing an inside-look at the careers and private lives of urban planner Ed Bacon, scientist Dr. Ruth Patrick, former college football coach Tubby Raymond, and Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas.

Ed Bacon episode airs
Thursday, September 23rd

Dr. Ruth Patrick episode airs
Thursday, September 30th

Tubby Raymond episode airs
Thursday, October 7th

Harry Kalas episode airs
Thursday, October 14

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Ed Bacon Hometown LegendsEd Bacon
Ed Bacon is not only the father of actor Kevin Bacon. In the world of city planning he is an icon and has had the single greatest influence on Philadelphia's skyline in the 20th century. For more than 20 years, Ed Bacon was Philadelphia's chief architect and head of the city's planning commission until his retirement in 1970. It was Bacon who created the greenways in Society Hill and the city's first urban shopping mall known as "The Gallery." Bacon's love for the city and his commitment to preserve the quality of life in Philadelphia is uncompromising. He has been described as everything from brilliant to belligerent. He is respected by his contemporaries, revered by the next generation of architects, passionate about his work and unapologetic about his approach. Now in his 90s, Ed Bacon's fiery passion about the city that he was born and raised in had him risking life and limb to keep skateboarders from being banned at Philadelphia's Love Park.
Airs Thursday, September 23rd
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Ruth Patrick Hometown LegendsDr. Ruth Patrick
Ruth Patrick is a pioneer in the world of aquatic sciences. Her innovative approach to detecting pollution in our waterways has made her a household name in scientific neighborhoods, yet she started her scientific career at a time when the field was unwelcoming to women. Patrick, a remarkable woman now in her 90's, continues to work at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia - the place where most of her research work started in the 1930's. Patrick is best known for her innovative approach to the investigation of pollutants on the environment. Her work, known as the "Patrick Principle" has led to an entirely new understanding of the role of humans on the environment.
Airs Thursday, September 30th
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Tubby Raymond Hometown LegendsTubby Raymond
Harold "Tubby" Raymond ranks with the college football coaching elite. He came to the University of Delaware in 1954 as an assistant football coach and a baseball coach. He soon took over as the Blue Hen's head football coach and amassed 300 wins in his career, making him one of only 7 coaches in college football to do so and one out of four to do it all with the same school. In the tiny state of Delaware, one of the biggest names is Tubby Raymond.
Airs Thursday, October 7th
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Ed Bacon Hometown LegendsHarry Kalas
While the Phillies team roster never remains the same, baseball fans have long been able to count on on hearing longtime announcer Harry Kalas. His powerful voice and trademark slogans, such as "It's outta here!" have earned Kalas a legion of devoted fans, several Emmy Awards, 17 titles of Pennsylvania Sportscaster of the Year, and the 2002 Ford C. Frick Award. Phillies announcer Scott Graham says, "[He] doesn't give you too much chatter in the middle of the game. Kalas has a way of making your hair stand up on your arms."
Airs Thursday, October 14
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