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Music From The Inside Out

In 2004, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Daniel Anker culminated a five-year collaboration with the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra, with the release of "Music From the Inside Out." This feature-length motion picture examines the mysterious process of making music, invites us to meet the people behind The Philadelphia Sound and learn about their love of a wide variety of musical styles.

Daniel Anker has provided exclusively to WHYY extra material from the film that can be seen nowhere else, except within an educational DVD that accompanies a curriculum in schools. The curriculum and the film are being used extensively within the Philadelphia School District. You can learn more about "Music From the Inside Out" at

Musical Tastes
A group of musicians from the Philadelphia Orchestra get together to discuss their favorite musical styles and influences, some of which may surprise you.

Philadelphia Orchestra principal trombonist Nitzan Haroz talks about his enthusiasm for performing Latin music, with its invitation to the dance. We also see him getting down in a performance with Cesar and the Latin Playboys.

Philadelphia Orchestra percussion players visit a school to illustrate the different kinds of instruments that can be struck and shaken, including the most basic of all percussion instruments, human hands.

Mystery of Music I
Philadelphia Orchestra musicians offer their thoughts on the challenge of musical interpretation, lifting musical notes off the page and creating aural art. Includes an excerpt of Rimsky-Korsakov's exotic score "Scheherezade."

Mystery of Music II
Philadelphia Orchestra violist Judy Geist is also a talented artist, and discusses "synesthesia," the phenomenon of linking sound to color. Includes an excerpt from Stravinsky's "Le Sacre du Printemps."

Playing Ugly
Music is always supposed to be beautiful, right? Not necessarily. Philadelphia Orchestra musicians discuss how great music portrays a broad range of emotions, from beautiful to downright ugly, and how their playing must reflect that.

Non-Verbal Communication I
Jason and Zack Depue are brothers and members of the famous Philadelphia Orchestra string section. Here we meet them as they let down their long hair and turn their violins into fiddles for some bluegrass with Mark Cosgrove and Good Medicine.

Non-Verbal Communication II
Two more Philadelphia Orchestra string-playing brothers, Lou and Joe Lanza, return to South Philadelphia for an emotion-filled visit to their boyhood home. They fondly recall their family's love of music, a love that set them on their professional course. (Note: Joseph Lanza died in 2006, two years after the release of this film.)