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Produced by Karen Smyles

May 2012

In September 2011 Chestnut Hill added a cultural gem to the community with the opening of Musehouse on Germantown Avenue. Founder and Director, Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno realized her long-time dream of a place where writers of varying ages and levels of expertise, could experience workshops, conferences, readings and special events, in all aspects of writing.

Kathleen Sheeder Bonnanno is a retired English teacher from Cheltenham High School and an award-winning writer. Her 2009 book of poetry, Slamming Open the Door won a Beatrice Hawley Award and two of the poems in the book were nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. All of the poems in Slamming Open the Door came out of the tragic death of her daughter Leidy, in 2003. Kathleen credits this life-changing event with giving her the inspiration to pursue her dream of opening Musehouse.

Friday Arts sat down to talk with Kathleen at Musehouse about the realization of her dream, and spoke with her husband David Bonanno, who knows quite a bit about running a non-profit, as an editor at the American Poetry Review.

The Human Writes Project | Edited by Kyle Maack
Spoken Word is a form of poetry that has become increasingly popular, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Brooklyn Beats to Beirut Streets is a spoken word performance by The Human Writes Project, artists Omar Offendum, Mark Gonzales, and Nizar Wattad. Offendum and Wattad are Arab, and Gonzales is Mexican-American. In March 2011 they brought their thought-provoking rhymes to Northeast High School in Philadelphia where Friday Arts had the opportunity to chat with them and witness the power of words. Check it out!