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Sonya Clark

Produced by Karen Smyles

March 2012

Art of Life features artist, Sonya Clark. In October 2011 she had a solo exhibition at the Snyderman - Works Gallery in Old City Philadelphia. Clark is trained as a fiber or textile artist and has exhibited in over 250 museums and galleries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, and throughout the USA. Many of the works shown in the Snyderman exhibit were created with the use of actual human hair, or thread manipulated to represent human hair. Clark's art is steeped in human history, and specifically African American history. Clark considers hairdressing one of the first textile art forms, and uses the elaborate corn-rowed hairstyles of West African cultures as inspiration.

Sonya Clark shares with Friday Arts her earliest recollection of how she knew she would become an artist, and discusses why hair has taken on such a large role in her work. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Clark is the current chair of the Department of Craft/Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Watch and learn more about Snyderman-Works Galleries in Old City Philadelphia. Edited by Luke J. Marron