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Suzie Brown

Produced by Karen Smyles

February 2012

For most people, being a Harvard-trained physician would be enough of an achievement, but not for Suzie Brown, MD. She's currently enjoying the experience of being one of our areas "People to Watch" in the music industry. The daughter of 2 doctors, and the sister of one, it was almost unavoidable to not end up somewhere in the field of medicine. It's a career choice cardiologist Brown doesn't regret one bit and even credits with giving her the opportunity to pursue her other love, music. Brown describes a childhood surrounded by medicine and music. But the serious pursuit of music didn't come until later in life. It all began with the egging on of friends to get up and sing at a friend's wedding. They were all shocked at how good she was, which gave her the encouragement to go at it full speed.

February's segment of Art of Life visits Dr. Suzie Brown in both her medical and musical environments. We visit Einstein Medical Center here in Philadelphia, where she sees cardiology patients and makes it very clear that there is no such thing as a part-time doctor. We also go behind the scenes as she records her first full-length CD, Heartstrings, which is getting a lot of attention locally and nationally. Suzie Brown shares with Friday Arts why she chose to follow her heart...and to keep those of others healthy.

Photo credits: Lisa Schaffer

Watch Suzie Brown’s latest video Heartstrings!