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Mount Airy Learning Tree

Produced by Karen Smyles

November 2011

Mount Airy Learning Tree is a community service organization founded in 1980 to enrich Mt. Airy and the broader Northwest Philadelphia Community. MALT celebrates the diversity of Northwest Philadelphia, bringing together neighbors to share a wide variety of ideas, information and skills in informal learning environments. Courses that encourage exchange among people of different ages; that reflect the backgrounds, experiences and talents of the community, and that focus on issues of concern to the community are of particular interest.

One of the most popular annual events given by The Mount Airy Learning Tree is The Hidden Garden Tours. Gardeners from throughout the Northwest Philadelphia community open their beautiful gardens for all to see. Registrants for the tour receive a self-guided itinerary, which takes them from the historical row homes of Germantown to the lush estates of Chestnut Hill. And all are equally a treat for the senses.

In May, Friday Arts had the opprtunity to visit some of the most spectacular gardens on the 2011 tour, and to talk to the people responsible for creating it all as they prepared for the upcoming tour. The days spent on these shoots were truly delightful and made us all feel like we weren't even at work, it was just that enjoyable. We also got to meet MALT's founder, Barbara Bloom and current Executive Director, Jonna Naylor.

MALT offers over 250 classes in fall, winter and spring terms. A variety of classes are offered, including courses in cookie decorating, conflict resolution, cooking, computers, medicare information, Ayurveda, Trigger Point therapy, "Pickleball" and even how to coupon!
Did you enjoy this garden tour? Mark your calendar for MALT's next garden tour, Saturday, May 19th 2012

Behind the scenes at MALT | Edited by Noam Osband
Meet Mount Airy Learning Tree's Executive Director, Jonna Naylor and Founder, Barbara Bloom to learn how it all began and how they continue to thrive.