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July 2, 2010

Produced by Karen Smyles
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If you're a big car fan you'll absolutely love the Simeone Foundation Museum. Even if you're not, you'll think it is pretty darn cool. Conveniently located just minutes off Interstate 95 in Philadelphia, you'll find what many automotive authorities agree is one of the world's great collections of racing sports cars. Exhibits showcase over 60 of the rarest and most significant cars ever built.

Fred Simeone was inspired by his physician father, who was an early collector of classic cars in the 1950's. As a teenager, they worked on cars together and Simeone discovered that cars were much more than just transportation. He went on to become a physician himself, one of the most active neurosurgeons in America. After years of collecting cars, he eventually ran out of space to store them and in 2008 founded the Simeone Foundation Museum.

The theme of the museum is the "Spirit of Competition" and highlights the development of the racing sports car and how it evolved into what we know today. The oldest car in the collection is from 1907 and the newest is 1975. The collection stops there because that was the point when the great racing cars could no longer be driven outside of a racing facility, they are simply too fast.

The museum is open to the public, every day of the week except Mondays. To learn more about the museum and this incredible collection visit the Simeone Foundation Museum website at

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Recognize this guy?

Jay Leno, late night TV host and big time car aficionado. Here he is during a visit to the Simeone Foundation Museum. He even has his own car website, Jay Leno's Garage. Check out this interview he did with automotive photographer, Michael Furman on The Spirit of Competition.

Fast Car Fact!
The first speeding ticket was issued in 1904 to Harry Myers in Dayton, Ohio. He was going 12 miles per hour!

Automotive Photography

Michael Furman has built a reputation as one of the finest automotive photographers in the world. In 2009, he published The Spirit of Competition for the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. Recently, we went for a behind the scenes look and chat as he photographed a rare Corvette from that collection. Watch below.

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