Frank Burd

June 4th, 2010

Produced by Karen Smyles
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It's almost impossible to describe who Frank Burd is, because throughout his life he has worn so many hats. But, the one thing easily described is his desire to impact the lives of others in positive ways. Throughout his life, he has shared his love of theater by directing dozens of theater productions, at every level, from professionals to high school students. He has shared his life-long love of photography by teaching it to kids and through his own photographs. And, he spent many years teaching math to kids in inner-city schools. But unfortunately, he is probably best known for a violent attack inflicted upon him by two of his students in 2007. The assault caused a broken neck, and a severe brain injury. Today he suffers from short-term memory loss and has some difficulty concentrating for long periods of time.

No longer able to teach, Burd continues to take advantage of all life has to offer, and is quick to let others know that he doesn't want to dwell on what happened. In this edition of Friday Arts, Frank generously shares what his life is like today, and it's still good. Almost daily, he is out and about with his camera taking photographs. Often, his work can be seen in local exhibits throughout the Philadelphia area. During our shoot and throughout the month of June, you can see his work hanging at Elcy's Cafe, in Glenside, PA. A real treat for Frank because this is also his hometown. We also visited Cheltenham High School where Burd has directed the fall theater productions for over 10 years now. An event that the community looks forward to each year and is never disappointed. Frank Burd's story is truly an example of "Art in Life."

To see more of Frank's work visit:

See Frank's photos throughout June at:

Elcy's Cafe
Glenside Train Station
1 Glenside Ave., Glenside PA
215 884-5600

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Michelle Ciarlo Hayes

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Michelle Ciarlo Hayes' Slideshow

Watch the slideshow below featuring Michelle and her 2 adorable sons at Elcy's, and get a taste of her work! See more at

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