The Great Holtzie

May 7th, 2010

Produced by Karen Smyles
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In 2007 Adam Holtz of Media, Pennsylvania was helping others find work as a corporate headhunter in the IT industry, when a friend suggested he may have missed his true calling. Always good with kids, Holtz had been keeping the little ones entertained at family parties and gatherings. In fact he was so good at it, that the friend suggested he try making a living at it. The Great Holtzie was born. So for the past three years he has kept kids laughing by eating lots of rubber worms and pretending to be Hannah Montana. It's humor that sometimes makes adults cringe, but kids love it!

The risk Adam took has paid off. His act has been seen by thousands of kids throughout the area at birthday parties, camps, theaters and comedy clubs. In 2008 he won Philadelphia Magazine's Best of Philly award for Comedian For Kids.

In February, we followed The Great Holtzie to Chester, Pennsylvania where he performed for the Chester Community Charter Schools. Almost from the start it was clear that Holtz was not the typical performer for kids. They were a great audience and some of them even became a part of the show. And we must confess, our crew did a lot of laughing too.

To learn more and get the latest on the Great Holtzie visit his website at

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Upcoming Holtzie Performances

Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library
Odessa, Delaware
June 19th at 7 pm

Rose Tree Park Summer Festival
Media, PA
June 30th at 10 am

Newtown Public Library
July 6th at 7 pm

Swarthmore Public Library
July 7th at 3 pm

Pottstown Public Library
July 7th at 10:30 am

Want More Laughs?

July 15th - 17th the 2010 ComedySportz World Tournament comes to Philadelphia. This will be the 26th annual event and the first time the tournament has been held here.

ComedySportz is a fun, fast-paced improv comedy show that is appropriate for all ages. Teams battle for laughs and the audience gets to vote for the winners. There are teams from throughout the country and the UK. For more info go to or visit

Make a kid laugh with one of our favorite jokes below!

Q: What do cats put in their drinks?
A: Mice Cubes!

Q: Where did the spaghetti go to dance?
A: The meat ball!

Q: What do termites eat for breakfast?
A: Oak-meal!

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