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Wine Lovers

Produced by Monica Rogozinski

May 2012

Wine used to be associated with white tablecloths and stuffy waiters, but it has recently experienced a renewal with the emergence of casual wine bars and a younger generation of wine experts. Philadelphia, traditionally thought of as a working class beer town, has seen a surge in wine sales and interest in the last several years. This month's "Art of Food" reveals the modern, ever-changing face of wine today though the eyes of two local experts: Michael McCaulley, head of wine at Tria, and Melissa Monosoff, Master Sommelier at Savona Restaurant. Much of the popularity of wine in Philadelphia can be attributed to Tria's line of cafes that specialize in fermented items--wine, beer, and cheese--as well as their Fermentation School which offers a wide range of classes to the public. We speak with head of wine Michael McCaulley, who trains his "junior sommelier" staff relentlessly, and describes the importance of relationships with winemakers and vineyards in choosing wines to highlight. Savona's resident sommelier Melissa Monosoff recounts how she earned the dignified title of "Master Sommelier", and also explains the concept of "terroir", or how a wine can taste like a particular place. Come with "Friday Arts" as we take a firsthand look at the contemporary wine philosophy that both McCaulley and Monosoff adhere to: educating the guest while serving delectably paired food and drink, all within an approachable atmosphere.

Extended interview with Master Sommelier Melissa Monosoff
Formerly of Savona Restaurant in the Main Line, Melissa Monosoff is one of 17 women in the world who currently holds the title of Master Sommelier. In this extended interview, Monosoff describes a day in the life of a sommelier, and also gives us an in-depth tour of Savona's white wine cellar where she highlights some of her favorites.