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The Berley Brothers: Sweet Nostalgia

Produced by Monica Rogozinski

December 2011

Ryan and Eric Berley are the new owners of Shane Confectionary, the country's oldest continually operated confectionary manufacturer, and they recently reopened it to the public. The Berley Brothers are also the owners of The Franklin Fountain, a soda fountain parlor that reproduces unique and forgotten flavors discovered in old recipes, and they have spent the last five years serving candy and nostalgia in the heart of Old City. Inspired by a childhood spent admiring the memorabilia collected by their parents, the Berley Brothers create beautiful objects with an exquisite taste, recreating such old time delicacies as clear toy candy, a traditional German holiday treat. Join Friday Arts as we watch them create their delicious sweets and complete the detailed restoration of their historic confectionary shop.

Berley Brothers: The Early Years
The Berley Brothers have been delighting Philadelphia residents for years, offering sweets and nostalgia at the Franklin Fountain. Take a peek at their early years!