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Fair Food

Produced by Monica Rogozinski

August 2011

Over the last decade, Fair Food has grown from a small collaboration between local farmers and chefs, to a full-fledged organization that brings together hundreds of food producers with regional restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Fair Food was originally founded in 2001 by Judy Wicks, owner of the White Dog Cafe, to help promote sustainable cuisine in Philadelphia's restaurants. Join Friday Arts as we speak with Ann Karlen, founding Director of Fair Food, who helped pioneer the farm-to-table movement in the Delaware Valley. First, we visit Fair Food Farmstand, located in the bustling Reading Terminal Market, which features products of over 90 family farms in this area. Then we attend two Fair Food-organized events: their famed "Brewer's Plate" fundraiser, that pairs local craft brews with delectable bites tailor-made by Philly chefs; and "Local Grower, Local Buyer", a matchmaking session between farmers who show off their best product, and the chefs and wholesale buyers who purchase it.

Online Extra
Watch an extended interview with Fair Food's executive director, Ann Karlen, a pioneer of the local food movement in Pennsylvania.

Visit the Fair Food Farmstand
Located in the Reading Terminal Market, the Fair Food Farmstand offers the product mix of the best farmers' market with the accessibility of a grocery store. Shop at the Farmstand and enjoy a wide variety of local and fresh produce, meats, poultry, dairy, cheese, eggs and value-added products from more than 90 sustainable farmers ranchers and producers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Open 7 days a week, year-round! 12th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia
Monday - Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM, Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM