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Nose to Tail Back to Belly

Produced by Monica Rogozinski

November 2010

We all love the prime cuts, but these animals have only so many tenderloins or other parts. Chef's who are interested in buying locally know the farmer also has to sell the rest of the animal, so that means buying a whole or half pig or cow. Learning how to deal with these lesser known parts is a challenge. The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and The Southeast PA Agriculture Industry Partnership invited Philadelphia's own Chef Michael McNally from London Bar & Grill, Chef Ian Moroney from Pumpkin Restaurant, butcher Charles Giunta and Chef and Farmer Linda Geren to share their knowledge of raising animals humanely for meat, preparing these cuts without wasting pieces and creating delicious dishes.

At High View Farms, owners Linda Geren and Michael McKay discuss their journey from being an animal lover to a farmer. Also they reveal techniques for diversifying their farm to make it sustainable. Linda pays special attention to the pig's diet while raising them for taste and brings neighboring kids in to help for fun and education.

Tasty Extras:

Chef Michael McNally on Making Pork Belly Pastrami

Butcher Charles J. Giunta, Jr. on Commercial vs. Natural Beef