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Dîner En Blanc Philadelphia

Produced by Monica Rogozinski

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December 2012

Start with fine dining, throw in a hint of flashmob, stir it around with elegance, and the result is Dîner en Blanc. From Paris to Philadelphia, and over 15 cities around the world, Diner en Blanc is a dining experience that has become a global phenomenon. Intended to experience the elegance of food with the utilization of public space, thousands gather in their best white attire for a mass "chic picnic." Started by Francois Pasquier and friends in Paris over 20 years ago, the event's awareness has gone from word-of-mouth buzz to social media sensation.

This summer's Dîner en Blanc was the first in Philadelphia, bringing together 1,300 attendees to Logan Square on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This segment of Art of Food goes behind-the-scenes of the organizational efforts of the event, as well as documenting the dinner in all its wonders and eccentricities.

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  • Diner en Blanc Logan Square


  • Line of people by City Hall


  • Patron Profile


  • Walking in from City Hall


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  • Food Table


  • Hosts Kayli Moran and Natanya DiBona


  • The kiss


  • Dining at the Great Fountain