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Inga Saffron and the Built Environment

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

July 2012

From the Delaware to the Schuylkill river; from the bridges that span these rivers to the parks that line their banks; from decaying buildings to the newest skyscrapers; from sidewalks to bike lanes, everything built (or abandoned) in Philadelphia is fair game for Philadelphia Inquirer Architecture Critic, Inga Saffron. We take the FRIDAY ARTS cameras to the Race Street Pier, the South Street Bridge and the Reading Viaduct (to name but a few places), to see how individuals are trying to effect change in Philadelphia's built environment and how Inga sees herself as a "conversation starter" in the midst of it all.

Blogging about architectureEdited by Marissa Gouverne
Wishing to remain anonymous, both in the WHYY studio as well as on the interwebs, GrojLart is the inscrutable name that this blogger has given himself. He is the author of the often-referenced but never-duplicated "Philaphilia" blog. Any other blog would have a hard time matching the balance between the extraordinary research behind each post as well as the language that goes into describing that research. Yet despite that language, if you read GrojLart's blog, I guarantee you will learn something.