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Dennis Beach

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

June 2012

Dennis Beach works out of a nondescript studio next to an auto glass repair shop in an industrial park in Newport, DE, a suburb of Wilmington. The Metroliner on the North East rail corridor rushes by, seemingly at his doorstep, bound for Philadelphia and New York City. Dennis' work has also been shown in these cities, and purchased for the permanent art collection in the executive offices of the Comcast building and for installation in a new wing of New York's Bellevue Hospital. FRIDAY ARTS visits with Dennis in his studio to see how he fashions his high-flying minimalist art, and to find out how he makes industrial materials bend to his will, to resemble not only a wave or a current of air but to evoke the fin or wing that beats upon it.

FlowEdited by Kyle Maack
While many of the sculptures and paintings that Dennis Beach produces are hard, bright multicolored objects, one of his biggest installations had at least one quality that his artwork usually does not - transparency. FLOW has been mounted in several iterations in several locations, and in this web video, we see footage from the 2009 incarnation at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, while Dennis comments on the genesis of this project.