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The Live Arts Brewery (LAB)

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

January 2012

In 2010, The Live Arts Brewery (LAB) opened, addressing what the "Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe" (the official name of the Philly Fringe) saw as a need for professional development among local artists and performers. The LAB serves as a kind of a research and development incubator by providing the resources - time, space, stagecraft, technology - that performers typically have access to only in the final development stages of original productions. In this piece, we explore the "back of the house" in addition to becoming audience members in the performances into which the public is invited on a regular basis.

A Fork and Stick Thing | Produced and edited by Michael O'Reilly
In this web video extra, we see the entire dance, "A Fork and Stick Thing" (instead of just little snippets), as performed by Kristel Baldoz and Gabrielle Revlock. Gabrielle also choreographed the dance and it is her voice that is heard on the soundtrack. A poem was read by Gabrielle and then arranged by Jacob Mitas into the non-linear soundscape to which the dancers perform.