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Fishtown Foundry

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

December 2011

As a kid, visiting his grandparents in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, Greg Nangle remembers walking by the open door to a bronze foundry and being entranced by an unearthly orange glow. Years later, it would only be after he moved into that very same building before he realized that it was the same building. An operating foundry for the past century, the newly-named Outcast Studios crew makes all manner of objects - from commercial delicate glass filigree to public sculpture (designed and produced by Greg) for the Frankford Arts corridor and all manner of malleable things in between.

Crazy Hat Day | Edited by Emily Hauze
Sculptor Greg Nangle explains the story behind his unique black leather hat. For Nangle, what you wear on your head is as much about self-expression and individuality as it is about safety or comfort.