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Elizabeth Osborne

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

October 2011

Elizabeth Osborne recently retired from teaching at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) after almost 50 years. Her colorful work is captured on view at the Locks Gallery In Philadelphia in a solo show in the spring of 2011. In this art segment, we visit with Robert Cozzolino, curator of the major retrospective ELIZABETH OSBORNE: THE COLOR OF LIGHT (2009), as well as Elizabeth herself talking about her varied and colorful art and life.

Extended Interview with Elizabeth Osborne | Edited by Emily Hauze

Philadelphia painter Elizabeth Osborne's works envelop the viewer with a warm rush of color and light.  This web extra, which weaves together pieces from her recent "Lux" and "Crevice" series as well as a few earlier works, gives you a chance to revel in Osborne's colors a little longer.