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Crane Arts

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

August 2011

The Crane Building, located on American Street just north of Girard Avenue, has become a nexus of artistic activities for the Northern Liberties/Fishtown/Kensington area. By turns an industrial plumbing factory and fish processing center, the Crane building has stood for over a hundred years in an oddly-shaped North Philadelphia triangular lot. Now the building houses art shows and arts organizations, artists and craftspeople, architects and designers, and the the number and variety of arts-related professions keeps growing, as it changes the immediately surrounding neighborhoods.

Extended Interview with Beth Miller
Edited by Veronica Stickleman

In this extended web-only interview, Beth Miller, Executive Director of the Community Design Collaborative, talks about how the Crane Building fits into the American Street neighborhood, and how the revitalization of that building by Crane Arts fits in well with Philadelphia's history and future.