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Weathervane Music Project

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

July 2011

Starting out as a musician in West Chester, PA, Brian McTear has always had an affinity for understanding the recording process and for helping his fellow musicians. Flash-forward 15 years and McTear has those same affinities - but now he and his partner run a successful recording studio (Miner Street Recordings) and a non-profit organization: the Weathervane Music Project. With the formation of this non-profit, McTear is "institutionalizing" the assistance he readily provided for struggling bands by helping them with their recordings, videos and web presence. We visit with one such band - READING RAINBOW - and hear how they benefited through their contact with McTear.

Extended Interview with Brian McTear
Edited by Emily Hauze

Brian McTear of Weathervane Studios explains the new power and influence of music blogs among indie musicians and their fans. Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton, the duo behind the band Reading Rainbow, are part of a new wave of musicians aspiring to find fame in the blogosphere.