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Animating MY DOG TULIP
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Produced by Michael O'Reilly

Paul and Sandra Fierlinger are award-winning animators that make feature-length animated films in the corner of their modest Wynnewood bungalow. These are films for theaters, TV and now for the touchpad. While their last film, My Dog Tulip, had the voice talents of Christopher Plummer and Lynn Redgrave (her last film) and played in theaters to packed audiences across the country, their current film has no stars and can be watched individually, the way one might enjoy a magazine or book on the iPad. We visit with this forward-thinking couple and their two dogs in their home where they mix work and play.

"My Dog Tulip" (is) one of the most sophisticated dog movies ever created. -- Stephen Holden, New York Times

Making of My Dog Tulip
Behind the scenes with animator and director Paul Fierlinger

Still Life with Animated Dogs
Animator, film director, writer and narrator Paul Fierlinger presents one artist's encounters with people, dogs and things of a divine nature. A largely autobiographical film made with humor and sadness, it tells the author's story of his bohemian days in the 1950's Stalinist Czechoslovakia, all the way to his present life in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Crucial points of Fierlinger's personal growth are marked by his relationship with various dogs.

Teeny Little Super Guy
Teeny Little Super Guy intro, originally from Sesame Street.

Classic Sesame Street animation - The Alphabet Song
A Paul Fierlinger masterpiece.