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Ulysses SEEN on iPad

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

November 2010

When Robert Berry suggested making an illustrated and annotated version of James Joyce's seminal novel, ULYSSES, the iPad was just a gleam in Apple's Co-founder, Steve Job's eye. Still, they managed to anticipate the strengths of the iPad by creating ULYSSES SEEN, an app that looks like a comic book but is supported by scholarly annotation. What they didn't foresee was Apple's reaction to a few illustrations and the universal media outcry that forced Apple to reconsider their policy about content in the thousands of apps offered in their app store. The team behind the James Joyce Apple App is Rob Berry, cartoonist, Josh Levitas, Production Artists and Michael Barsanti, editor. Robert Berry and Michael Barsanti are interviewed for our story.

Online Extras:

Artist Robert Berry
The artist responsible for the images in ULYSSES SEEN, Robert Berry, details the difference between "comic books" and "graphic novels" and tells us why he prefers to be called a cartoonist.

Production Artist Josh Levitas
Josh Levitas, Production Artist for ULYSSES SEEN, reflects on the processes that go into the creation of the comic for the web and for the iPad, and posits ideas about working with other members of Throwaway Horse, LLC.