Kensington Theatrics

July 2, 2010

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

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What happens when a local Philly boy grows up to become an actor/playwright in New York City? He comes back and discovers a burgeoning arts scene and a theatre where there was none before. The Walking Fish Theatre, located I Kensington, mounted a production of three of Mark Borkowski’s short plays in May of 2010. In Friday Arts Art segment, we visit with the playwright as well as the founders of the theater. Like Mark Borkowski’s plays, our story explore themes of death, addiction and redemption on the hardscrabble streets of Fishtown.

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Walking Fish Theatre

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Moravian College:
Bethlehem Guitar Festival

June 4th, 2010

Produced by Monica Rogozinski
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This annual festival at the college has taken place since 2001. The 2009 festival, entitled "Nylon and Steel," explores comparisons between classical and pop music for guitar, featuring recitals, workshops, master classes, lectures and vendors. Guest artists Jason Vieaux (classical) and Laurence Juber (pop) discuss their differing perspectives, and do some playing for us.

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