NextFab Studio

June 4th, 2010

Produced by Michael O'Reilly
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If you can imagine it, the West Philly-based NextFab studio can help you realize it. A NextFab Studio membership, like a gym membership, gives one access to cutting-edge tools and equipment without having to buy or house them. This for-profit venture partners with the non-profit Breadboard program, which aims to steer artists and others to NextFab, with the idea that the products of that partnership can be exhibited in the Esther Klein Gallery, a place at the forefront of the exhibition of the intersection of art, science and technology. We speak with artists and others who express their excitement at finding the studio. The founder of NextFab, Evan Malone, also speaks of his excitement when artists and regular citizens begin to use the lab in ways he did not foresee.

More Information:

-NextFab Studio
-Esther Klein Gallery
-Science Center
-Steven Brower, Artist
-Sharif Pendleton, Artist

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Moravian College: Bethlehem Guitar Festival

June 4th, 2010

Produced by Monica Rogozinski
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This annual festival at the college has taken place since 2001. The 2009 festival, entitled "Nylon and Steel," explores comparisons between classical and pop music for guitar, featuring recitals, workshops, master classes, lectures and vendors. Guest artists Jason Vieaux (classical) and Laurence Juber (pop) discuss their differing perspectives, and do some playing for us.

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