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Band of Artists

Produced by Michael O'Reilly

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December 2012

Band of Artists Founder and Director Sutie Madison takes herself and "her dancers through the paces of an obsessive-compulsive mindset" - that mindset being the very tics and twitches of Tourette's Syndrome that has afflicted Madison for much of her young life. In this segment, we join her in the rehearsals and ultimately the performance of a "tic" inspired evening. Madison started making videos about her Tourette's syndrome while a student at Arcadia University under the encouragement of Professor Alan Powell. He encouraged her to explore the tics and twitches as a private kinetic language system, and after shooting some of the movementsduring rehearsals, would edit them together, creating what was in effect, adance notation system. The videos were then shared, and together with Steven Dijoseph and Dr. James Cook and the other dancers in Band of Artists, Sutie Madison was able to craft a compelling evening of Tourette's-centered content.

Web Extra: The past and present of Tourette'sEdited by Benjamin R. Schmidt

Dr. James Cook explains the history of Tourette's Syndrome, charting its early diagnoses, misconceptions, and promotion back into general medical discussion. He also discusses Sutie Madison and her creative expression through Tourette's and the possible benefits it may present.

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THE WILLOUGHBY SHARP SPECIAL: featuring guest hosts Connie Coleman & Alan Powell

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