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  • December Friday Arts


    December's Friday Arts takes you inside the Cathedral Basilica, behind the scenes of Band of Artists, and to the tables of Diner En Blanc Philadelphia.

    December Friday Arts
  • The past and present of Tourette's


    Dr. James Cook explains the history of Tourette's Syndrome, charting its early diagnoses, misconceptions, and promotion back into general medical discussion.

    The past and present of Tourette's
  • November Friday Arts


    November brings the stories of Happy Cat Farm, OPEN AIR Philadelphia, and composing Tibetan-inspired music.

    November Friday Arts
  • Tim Mountz on Genetically Modified Organisms


    Tim Mountz explains the history and methods of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), as well as their potentially disturbing consequences for consumers.

    Tim Mountz on Genetically Modified Organisms
  • October Friday Arts


    October Friday Arts traces the history of the Princeton Atelier, delves into the lives of poets, and tells the story of Violette de Mazia.

    October Friday Arts
  • Farmer Dean Carlson on chickens


    Farmer Dean Carlson explains how his chickens, called Freedom Rangers, are bred for the Label Rouge Program in France.

    Farmer Dean Carlson on chickens
  • Mary Ellen Mark's 'Prom' photos


    All of the photographs in "Prom" were taken with a 20-by-24-inch Polaroid Land Camera, which weighs about 200 pounds and stands six feet tall.

    Mary Ellen Mark's 'Prom' photos

December Friday Arts

Band of Artists takes dancers through the paces of an "obsessive-compulsive mindset" — that mindset being the very tics and twitches of Tourette's Syndrome.

The Cathedral Basilica provides the opportunity to experience the music of both local and international musicians in a magnificent sacred building.

From Paris to Philadelphia, and over 15 cities around the world, Diner en Blanc is a dining experience that has become a global phenomenon.

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Concert at the Cathedral — Vox Ama Deus

Attend a spirited winter concert at the Cathedral Basilica in Philadelphia. Vox Amadeus - Handel's Messiah - 7 pm. Tickets: $25 General, $20 Senior, $10 Student.

Band of Artists Performance

Experience another one-of-a-kind Band of artist's performance this April 6th at 8pm at Penn State University, Abington PA. Show details available at

23rd Annual Food & Agriculture Winter Conference

Happy Cat Farm's Tim Mountz will be speaking at the 23rd Annual Winter Conference, New Jersey's largest agricultural and food conference featuring two days of classes and nationally recognized speakers in sustainable agriculture. January 26 -27, 2013.


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