Franklin Facts Archive: September, 2000

Tuesday, September 5 Tornados Spawned by Hurricane David
Wednesday, September 6 Saffir/Simpson Scale of Hurricane Intensity
Thursday, September 7 The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Monday, September 11 The Peak of Hurricane Season
Tuesday, September 12 Hurricane Donna and Early Radar
Wednesday, September 13 Weather for Sydney Summer Olympics
Thursday, September 14 Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944
Monday, September 18 Introduction to Waves
Tuesday, September 19 Waves in Deep and Shallow Water
Wednesday, September 20 Power of the Longshore Current
Thursday, September 21 Rip Currents
Monday, September 25 Littoral Drift Along the Delaware Shore
Wednesday, September 27 Introduction to Tides
Thursday, September 28 Tide Predictions and a Web Site

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