Franklin Facts Archive: November, 2000

Wednesday, November 1 November Preview
Thursday, November 2 Franklin's 1743 Storm
Monday, November 6 A Very Early Season Snow
Tuesday, November 7 Hurricane Season Elsewhere
Wednesday, November 8 Clock Change and Hours of Daylight
Thursday, November 9 The Gales of November
Monday, November 13 Putting Warmth Behind Us?
Tuesday, November 14 Recent Very Dry Period
Wednesday, November 15 Last Vestige of Warmth?
Thursday, November 16 Powerful England Storm Last Month
Monday, November 20 Operational Significant Event Imagery
Tuesday, November 21 Examples of OSEI Imagery
Wednesday, November 22 Memorable Thanksgivings, Weather-Wise
Monday, November 27 Honey Brook Tornado a Year Ago
Tuesday, November 28 Winter Forecast From National Weather Service
Wednesday, November 29 A Moon Illusion
Thursday, November 30 A Preview of December Weather

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