We're halfway through November, and the warmth of summer continues to fade in the weather rear-view mirror. But even this time of year, warmth sometimes makes a comeback for a day or two. In fact today, November 15, is the latest in the year when the temperature has reached 80oF in this area.

This happened just seven years ago, in 1993. We'd just gone through what was, at that time, the hottest summer on record. Above-average warmth had continued into August, September, and October, and on November 15, the temperature soared to a record high in Philadelphia - 81oF.

And Philadelphia wasn't alone - Wilmington's 80oF and Atlantic City's 80oF were also record highs, as well as being the latest in the year that a temperature that high has been recorded in those two cities.

And though records are made to be broken, we'll have to settle for the 40s and 50s over the next few days, and there's a good chance we won't see another 80oF reading until next spring.

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