Officially, hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean lasts until the end of this month, but November is typically pretty quiet in the Atlantic. In one part of the world, however, hurricane season never really ends. Thatís in the western Pacific Ocean, north of the equator, where the water stays warm enough for hurricanes to form in just about any month.

In that part of the globe, these storms aren't called hurricanes. They're called typhoons. But like hurricanes, typhoons are given names by countries that might be affected, such as Japan, China, and Thailand. Here are images of a few typhoons that have formed in recent months.

Just two weeks ago, Typhoon Yagi passed just south of the island of Okinawa, heading west toward Taiwan. Back in September, Typhoon Saomai passed south of Korea, headed toward China. And here's Supertyphoon Bilis approaching Taiwan back in August. The prefix "super" is added when a typhoon's winds exceed 150 mph.

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