On average, October is our most tranquil month weatherwise, and this October certainly lived up to that reputation. November, however, tends to be a little more active.

In the month to come, we'll continue to lose daylight at a pretty good clip, about a full hour from the beginning to the end of the month. With the sun rising a little less high in the sky each day, average highs drop from 61oF today to 49oF by November 30 - that's the largest drop in average high temperature in any month. And by the end of November, the average overnight low is down almost to the freezing mark.

Though not a guarantee, snow does become more likely in November. Of the last 100 Novembers, three-quarters had at least some snow, though only flurries half of those times, and only 15 of the 100 had an inch or more. Still, we haven't officially seen any snowflakes in November since 1997, so you might say we're a bit overdue.

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