Franklin Facts Archive: May, 2002

Wednesday, May 1 The Weather Of May
Thursday, May 2 20th Anniversary Of The Weather Channel
Monday, May 6 Planets In A Bunch
Tuesday, May 7 Drought Update
Wednesday, May 8 Backdoor Cold Fronts
Thursday, May 9 El Nino: Not Necessarily Bad
Monday, May 13 Rainbows
Tuesday, May 14 Hawaiian Meteorology
Wednesday, May 15 Ancient Floods On Mars
Thursday, May 16 Mount St. Helens Eruption Anniversary
Monday, May 20 Mixed Signals From Antarctica
Tuesday, May 21 Nanothermometers
Wednesday, May 22 Dust In The Wind
Thursday, May 23 New IPCC Head
Tuesday, May 28 Deadly Severe Weather Close To Home
Wednesday, May 29 Celebrating The Delaware River
Thursday, May 30 The Delaware River Sojourn

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