Franklin Facts Archive: May, 2000

Monday, May 1 A Preview of May's Climate
Tuesday, May 2 Does Pollution Reduce Rainfall?
Wednesday, May 3 The May 3-4, 1999, Tornado Outbreak
Thursday, May 4 Just Who Are "They?"
Monday, May 8 Has the Ocean Warmed?
Tuesday, May 9 Seasonal Forecasting Methods
Wednesday, May 10 This Summer's Temperature Outlook
Thursday, May 11 This Summer's Precipitation Outlook
Monday, May 15 NOAA's Hurricane Forecast
Tuesday, May 16 The Shore and the Sea Breeze
Wednesday, May 17 Relative Humidity: An Imposter?
Thursday, May 18 Dewpoint Measures the Muggies
Monday, May 22 Ozone: Double Identity
Tuesday, May 23 Ground-level ozone smog pollution
Wednesday, May 24 Air Quality Index and Ozone Action!
Thursday, May 25 Web Site: Tracking Ozone Levels
Tuesday, May 30 Does an Early Heat Wave Mean a Hot Summer?
Wednesday, May 31 Tornado History on This Day

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