Franklin Facts Archive: March, 2000

Wednesday, March 1 Definition of Blizzard
Thursday, March 2 Antarctica's Lake Vostok
Monday, March 6 Snow over the Years
Tuesday, March 7 Winter Temperature Variations
Wednesday, March 8 Weather Observations from Buoys
Thursday, March 9 Web Site: Sunrise/Sunset & More
Monday, March 13 Superstorm of March 1993
Tuesday, March 14 Air Pressure and Weather
Wednesday, March 15 Measuring Pressure: Barometers
Thursday, March 16 Earthquakes and Weather?
Monday, March 20 Spring Officially Begins!
Tuesday, March 21 Old Farmer's Almanac: Part I
Wednesday, March 22 Old Farmer's Almanac: Part II
Thursday, March 23 Old Farmer's Almanac: Part III
Monday, March 27 Tornadoes: How Many and When?
Tuesday, March 28 Tornadoes: Are There More Now?
Wednesday, March 29 Definition of Severe Thunderstorm
Thursday, March 30 Highlights of April Climate

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