This Franklin Fact is from Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts.

As you've probably heard by now, tomorrow is the first day of spring, when the earth reaches a particular point in its orbit around the sun. It also means that we will enjoy about the same number of hours of daylight and darkness. Connected to this day is a great example of "false" or "fake" science!

According to the myth, the "special gravitational alignment" between the earth and the sun on the first day of spring will make eggs stand upright with no support. Hogwash! In fact, eggs will stand on end any day of the year! Not because of any solar system gravity mumbo-jumbo but because of the egg itself.

Look at the bottom, that is, the fat end of an egg. Usually there's a field of small bumps, calcium deposits that formed when the eggshell formed. These little bumps create a small tripod that holds the egg upright! With a little practice and a smooth clean surface, anybody can do this at anytime - no special gravity conditions needed.

Try it tomorrow night! Amaze your friends and family with this after dinner trick.

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