I do a weather program here at the museum on the subject of winter storms, and as part of that show, I play a loop of satellite images that shows the development and movement of a storm so powerful that it earned the nickname "Storm of the Century."

This superstorm was dumping a foot of snow on Wilmington and Philadelphia back on this date in 1993, and a whole lot more a little farther inland. The snow was heavy and wet and accompanied by near-hurricane force winds along the coast. More than 100,000 power outages were reported in our area, and the storm set the record for Philadelphia's all-time lowest air pressure, 28.43 inches - that's nearly off the scale on some home barometers.

This superstorm brought an unprecedented swath of blizzard conditions from Alabama to Maine, all in all affecting 100 million people in 26 states. It's hard to imagine any one storm causing more disruption than that.

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