As best I can tell, the last book written about the weather and climate of this area was published in 1847. Frankly, it's about time for an update. So, I'm co-writing a book about this area's weather and climate with another local meteorologist, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz. The book will be published by Temple University Press in 2002.

We're looking for a few great photographs to fill out the book, and inviting you to be part of the project. Specifically, we're looking for still pictures from the following events:

(1) Hurricane Floyd
(2) The Blizzard of January 1996
(3) The ice storms from the winter of 1993-94
(4) Any recent hailstorms or tornadoes
(5) The Blizzard of February 1983

If we choose to use your picture in the book, you'll get a free, autographed copy when it comes out. If you're interested in submitting photographs, go to the WHYY Franklin Facts Web site where you'll find a link that has instructions on what to do.

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